PBA Group is the future of automation. With Industry 4.0 and advanced robotics innovation, our solutions are always future-ready.

We develop intelligent solutions to transform your work spaces and shop floors so you can optimise and scale. We provide consultation, concept studies, project implementation, customer service, tailored to your business needs.

Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots (cobots) are cost-effective, safe, and easy to use - everything your business needs to increase its competitiveness. Our cobots work alongside you, enabling you to operate at your best.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Our robots are built to move bulk with ease and agility.

Motion Control

Our motion control systems are agile and precise to improve the positioning, torque control and efficiency of robots and AGVs.

Precision Robotics

We offer a wide range of positioning stages and actuators for linear, rotary and vertical motion as well as combinations of multiple axes that have been deployed across various industries and applications.

Direct Drive Motors

Our direct drive motors allow direct coupling to the driven load in a compact mechanical design that allows for a higher throughput at dynamic speeds with positional accuracy and zero maintenance.

Robotics & Automation Ecosystem

We empower you to leverage Industry 4.0 technologies through our 5 platforms in the areas of Technology, Partnership, Education, Community and Talent.